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8 Reasons Why Families Should Never Stay at a Hotel or Vacation Rental Again

Nicole Reitter :

In the past, families going on vacation had two options for accommodations: hotel rooms and VRBO-style vacation rentals. That’s all changing now thanks to ‘Resort Living’, a concept that’s revolutionizing family vacations. Resort Living typically encompasses condominium-style accommodations, complete with a kitchen, family room, multi-bedrooms and bathrooms; and oftentimes outdoor living space, a garage or home office. All this plus the amenities you expect and appreciate from a full-service hotel, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, a fitness center, spa, activities, front desk and maintenance staffs, as well as locales smack dab in the heart of wherever it is you wish to be.

Still not convinced? Then check out our 8 reasons why a hotel room or vacation rental simply isn’t ideal:

1. A cramped, single space that you and your children share. This equates to zero privacy and no chance to catch a late night movie or glass of wine and snuggle session with your spouse. Your night ends with the kiddo’s lights out at 8 PM.

2. Without a kitchen or way to prepare a meal, you’re forced to eat out 3 times a day. This is expensive, inconvenient and unhealthy.

3. Can you say mini fridge? How comfortable is a rollaway bed or pullout couch? These are all non-factors with Resort Living!

4. Traveling with other families means reserving far too many hotel rooms. This gets pricey and best-case scenario for camaraderie is adjoining rooms, if you’re lucky.

And one-off vacation rentals miss the mark because:

5. A roll-the-dice-and-hope-for-the-best approach to lodging (verified only by a handful of homespun photos), coupled with fingers-crossed faith that you’re partnering with an honest, trusted host.

6. Vacation rentals call sleepy residential neighborhoods ‘prime locations’. And, top attractions, shops, markets and restaurants are oftentimes much further than advertised, forcing you to get in the car; again and again. Vacation ought to be about putting away the keys and putting up your feet

7. The ‘ick’ factor of staying in someone’s home with their personal bedding, personal affects on the walls (and in the drawers), personal standards of cleanliness. This isn’t something you worry about when you’re vacationing the Resort Living way.

8. And don’t forget that vacation rentals don’t have a bellman to assist with your gear, a concierge to suggest a restaurant or secure a ticket, no one to silence that leaky toilet at 2 AM, not to mention zero amenities; no pool, fitness center, on-site restaurants… you get the idea.

Tahoe Mountain Resorts Lodging embodies the ultimate in Resort Living; offering studio to four-bedroom residences in The Village at Northstarand Old Greenwood. These luxury ski and golf resorts offer unparalleled access to dining, shopping, recreation, night life and, of course, Lake Tahoe itself. And perhaps best of all, residences are outfitted with a kitchen, great room, outdoor space and include complimentary parking, wireless internet, concierge service, plus access to a fitness center(s), swimming pool(s), hot tubs and more.

So the next time you’re organizing a family getaway, think Resort Living for the best of both hotel and vacation rental worlds.